Marine Cargo insurance

Through the Marine Cargo insurance, we provide you with high level protection against all risks during the transportation of goods and merchandise – anywhere from the time your goods leave the premises of the seller until the time they arrive at the buyer’s premises. It covers the loss or damage to during the movement of the cargo from one port or country to another. The conveyance can be by Sea, Air or Land. Either the buyer or the seller can purchase the Marine Cargo insurance depending on your sales contract which most commonly is Free On Board (FOB), Cost and Freight (C&F) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).

Marine Hull Insurance

Through the Marine Hull insurance, we provide you with high level protection to cover loss or damage to various types of ships or vessels and their equipment, including specialist cover for other marine insurance options and interests: Hull and Machinery, War and Strikes, Brown Water Hull, Offshore and Support Vessels, Yachts and Pleasure Craft, Third Party Liability, Increased Value, Builder’s Risk.

Goods In Transit insurance

This policy are normally designed to provide cover against loss or damage to your goods during the course of transit by land conveyance in Malaysia. Cover may be extended to allow shipments to and from Singapore. Cover may also be arranged on “All Risks” basis or more restricted to suit your requirement.