Fire Insurance

This policy covers loss or damage to your property due to: –

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion caused by gas used for domestic purposes

For an additional premium, this policy can also be extended perils to cover damage/loss due to:-

  • Aircraft damage, Impact damage, Earthquake and volcanic eruption
  • Storm and tempest, Flood, Explosion, Bursting or overflowing of pipes
  • Subsidence and landslip
  • Bush/Lalang fire, Spontaneous Combustion, Sprinkler leakage
  • Riot, strike and malicious damage
  • Damage by falling trees or branches and other objects

Fire Consequential Loss insurance

It is a policy that complements your Fire Insurance policy. It ensures coverage for: –

  • loss of profit
  • revenue
  • rental
  • standing charges
  • wages or salaries on payroll basis
  • increase in cost of working due to business interruption as a result of fire and/or other extended perils

Houseowner / Householders

The Houseowner policy covers your house structure including the walls, roof, fixtures and fittings, garages, gates and fences, while the Householder plan covers your house contents like household goods, personal effects and other moveable possessions.

JMB Packages Policy (Condominium, Apartment, Office, Shopping Mall & Etc.)

Special design for property fall under Strata Management Act, a statutory body –  Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC) must formed to manage and maintain the sub-divided building and common property in the strata development such as Condominium, Apartment, Office or Shopping Mall. This packages policy cover incl. Fire, Cost of Cleaning Up, Fidelity Guarantee, Machinery Breakdown, All Risks, Money, Plate Glass, E & O, Public Liability, Theft and First Loss Terrorism / Sabotage including Political Violence & etc, 12 class all-in-one package policy, one premium with comprehensive cover at a lower premium compared to individual coverage.