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Hospitalization & Surgical

Personal & Group Medical Insurance

comprehensive medical insurance that covers on Group/your hospitalisation and surgical expenses incurred due to illnesses. you need not worry about funding for your healthcare costs. Coverage:

- Medical coverage

- Surgical expenses

- Outpatient cancer treatment and outpatient kidney dialysis

- Cashless admission facility

- 24-Hour Toll Free Medical Assistance

- International Medical Assistance Programme (optional)

- Domestic Medical Assistance Programme (optional)

Cancer LoanBreak Insurance

Cancer LoanBreak is a medical plan that pays a single payout to your loan financier when you undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy for your cancer treatment or upon diagnosis of terminal cancer by your oncologist.

MosBite insurance

It is a plan that pays a stated lump sum benefit in the event you are diagnosed with Dengue Fever and/or Zika